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App available on selected smartphones to NatWest customers with Online Banking and a UK mobile number starting 07

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Make sure you're ready for Mobile Banking

What you need to get started

  • Your Online Banking customer number
  • A UK mobile number starting 07
  • Download the app - It is available on iOS, Android, Windows & BlackBerry

To use the mobile app, you need to be set up for NatWest Online Banking. When you sign up for this, you will get a customer number which is your date of birth (DDMMYY) followed by 4 digits.

Forgotten your customer number

Set up the app in minutes

Follow our simple step by step guide

Once you have downloaded the app you will be prompted to enter your mobile number and accept our Terms & Conditions. We will then ask you to confirm your mobile number so we can send you a one time activation code by text message. When you have this code, follow the simple steps below to sign up for the NatWest app.

Natwest RTR02

Step 1 - Enter your mobile number here. Confirm your mobile number so that we can send an activation code to you.


Step 4 - Enter your customer number. If you don't know it, click the 'Need help?' button provided on this page. 

Natwest RTR05

Step 2 - Enter activation code here. We will send it to the mobile number you provide during the initial part of registration. 

Natwest RTR08

Step 5 - Enter your Online Banking pin and password. If you have forgotten these, click on the 'Forgotten secure details' button provided on this page

Natwest RTR06

Step 3 - Set up passcode. You only have to do this once. You will need the passcode every time you log in so make sure you keep it safe. 

Natwest RTR11

And that's it! You can now instantly check your balance, make payments and much more on the move. Start enjoying the NatWest app.

How to download the app

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Try our helpful video

Once you have downloaded the app, registering is simple. You just need your Online Banking customer number, PIN and Password. Once entered you will then be able to access your accounts instantly.

Our helpful video will show you how to register for Mobile Banking.

Forgotten your customer number?

Touch ID

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Log in using your fingerprint

Touch ID is a quick and convenient way to log in to your iPhone app using your fingerprint. Option is available to iPhone 5S, 6 and 6 Plus users with iOS8 or higher operating system. Simply log in once you have updated the app and go to the 'More Menu' to enable this option.

How to enable Touch ID

Touch ID

Log in to the app using your fingerprint

A quick and convenient way to login to your app using the fingerprint you registered under Touch ID. This option is available to iPhone 5S, 6 and 6 Plus users with an iOS8 or higher operating system. Simply login once you’ve updated the app and go to the ‘More Menu’ to enable this option.

How to register

nw touch_id_screen_01

Step 1 - Make sure that you have Touch ID enabled on your iPhone. 

nw touch_id_screen_02

Step 2 - Make sure you have downloaded the latest version of the NatWest iPhone app from the app store.

nw touch_id_screen_03

Step 3 - When you log in to the app you will see this screen and you can choose to enable Touch ID (to turn it off at any point, go to the app's 'More' menu).

nw touch_id_screen_04

Step 4 - Once you launch the app after enabling Touch ID, you will be able to log in using either Touch ID or your app passcode.

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