Apple Pay

A new way to pay with your NatWest debit or credit card

Can I use Apple Pay?

If you have recently updated to iOS9 you may have noticed some changes. What's new with iOS9?

What is Apple Pay?

Can I use Apple Pay?

How to set up Apple Pay

Apple Pay NatWest

Open Wallet on your device to add your first debit or credit card. Can't see Apple Pay in Wallet?

Set up Apple Pay on your device

How to use Apple Pay

Paying is easy and secure

You can use Apple Pay to pay in shops that accept contactless payments or within apps when you see the Buy with Apple Pay or Apple Pay button. Contactless limits apply. How do I pay using Apple Pay

Earn rewards

Continue to get the rewards, benefits and security that your NatWest debit or credit card provides. If you have MyRewards, you will continue to earn the rewards on payments you make up to £30 using Apple Pay.More about rewards and benefits

See how Apple Pay works

Apple Pay is secure

Pay securely with Apple Pay

We'll help you to protect yourself

If your device is lost or stolen

How to avoid the latest threats



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